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A Product of Beijing Youth Travel Service Co.,Ltd.

License No:L-BJ-GJ00009

AgritoursChina has been a pioneer in the area of specialized China adventure and sightseeing tours since 1985. We are first class company that provides world-wide travel services specializing in special tours.

Over the years, AgritoursChina has dedicated itself to providing high quality and reliable travel services and building a strong management team. We have earned excellent reputation both at home and abroad and have developed an extensive network of domestic and foreign partners. This network of travel services allows us to meet our clients specific travel needs and provide a wide variety of accommodation, transportation, sightseeing, shopping and entertainment services.

In order to maintain our high level of customer service, AgritoursChina has created a highly skilled and trained team of tour guides and interpreters. We can provide travel services in English, French, German, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish and Tibetan. Our office also has computerized booking capacity, email and internet access and our own home page.

AgritoursChina believes in the principle of the "Guests first" and we put our customers needs first in everything we do. We strive to provide the best in safety, comfort and pleasure all at a reasonable price. We warmly welcome travelers from around the world and hope you will join us!

Commencing in 1996 thanks to Mr. Ron McPhail, formerly with the Ministry of Agriculture in New Zealand,our company began to operate all kinds of agriculture tours travelling in China. Till now we have successfully arranged General Agriculture Tours, grain, cotton, dairy, duck, deer, cattle, pig, meat, seafood, herbal medicine, wine, vegetable, and fruit industries tours. throughout China and along the Yangtze and Yellow Rivers as well as the world famous Silk Road area in more than 25 years.

China is one of the biggest agriculture countries in the world. The total population 1.4 billion of which 40% are peasants and farmers. Due to different climate, soil, altitude and farming conditions from east to west and north to south, a great deal of agriculture products are grown in China's vast territory. Our arable land is too limited which is very different from other foreign countries.]The world has 7.8 billion people, 0.32 ha per capita arable land VS China has 1.4 billion people, 0.09 ha per capita arable land.) China opened its door to the outside world in 1978 and a series of reforms have been carried out since then. The first reform was China's agriculture. The " Production Contract Responsibility System" was then carried on in the countryside nationwide. Because of this policy Chinese peasants work harder than their ancestors in their fields though the lands on which they farm are still owned by the government. The new policy allows farmers to use their land to grow different crops according to their will for 30 to 70 years and the majority of the production belongs to farmers. Rich and various agri-products have largely developed, all kinds of free markets have been set up and food-processing industry has boomed. All kinds of agri-technical research centers have been established all across China. The market for agricultural products is growing and the need for high quality food increases more and more. This situation has attracted more and more overseas investments covering the fields of agriculture, forestry, fishery, animal husbandry and processing industry in the last 20 years all over China.

Under the situation of such rapid development in China, you can imagine how many different interesting things that we can show and arrange for you - from modern updated agriculture exhibitions and congress to small village peasants' fairs, from lands with modern irrigation system to the farmland which depends only on rainfall. We can arrange agri-technical meetings with scientists and government officials to exchange views as well as visits to peasants and farmers' families, visits to big agri-joined venture food processing plants in different cities and visits to small enterprises run by farmers in villages or counties. Through hard-working of Chinese people, China owns the biggest ports in the world and becomes one of the most important agricultural products import&export partners for many foreign countries. We always welcome friends from different countries to China to explore more truths by their selves and experience the real China.

Besides agriculture, China has a history of more than 5000 years and is a country with 56 nationalities. No visit to China would be complete without seeing the Great Wall. and other cultural and historical sites. Agricultural tours to China do not mean that we only focus on agricultural events, we also present some of the highlights of our heritage and culture with relaxed sightseeing included to meet our clients' needs. 40% sightseeing, 40% agriculture visits and 20% technical interviews are usually offered in our program but we can change this according to what our clients require. Groups can enjoy different people, ethnic cultures, landscape, and a variety of food. They can travel from the Great Wall in Beijing to the Holy Potala Palace in Tibet, from the Yangtze Cruise to the Old Silk Road, from nomadic grassland in Mongolia to ethnic peasants' villages in Yunnan and Guizhou Provinces in South-west China. Different groups have different requirements and taste, Our experienced tour operators and tour guides are eager to work hard thoroughly to make all our tours successful. The ultimate goal of our China agri-tours is to attract your clients to come back to you for service again and again and as you bring us more business we both benefit.

Two thousand years ago, Confucius, a famous Chinese Sage said: " Food Is the First Necessity of the People". In the twenty first century, our general manager Mr. Hua Qing says: " To Provide the Safe and Best Service Is the First Necessity of Our Agri-Tours in China".


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