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_ Feedbacks

Dear Hua Qing,

First of all, I want to say thank you very much! The feedback of the vegetable group is extremely positive. That you the group attended was a great success, because you could directly act if it was necessary. In addition, the tour guide was very good. All in all: 42 members in the group were very satisfied. Thank you again.

Concerning the World Dairy Expo & Summit / China’08 in Harbin, I am not sure whether we should go there or not. I think that only one day in the Inner Mongolia is too short and only one day in Harbin is also too short. You should decide where to go, because I didn’t know where the main area for dairy cattle is in China. I have nothing against if we skip off the Dairy Expo. If we go to Harbin, I prefer a flight with Air China for long distance and domestic flights. We will arrive Harbin at 6. Sept. at 9.10 am by CA 1603. I'm waiting for your comment.

Dieter Goldmann

Goldmann Touristik
Dieter Goldmann e.K.

Hi Hua

Just back in the office after taking the tour to California. Sorry I haven't had the time to e-mail you after I returned with the group but I was just so busy trying to sort everything out ready for the next tour.

I was really pleased with the tour to China everything worked out really well & I was most impressed with your efficiency with all visits & hotels exactly as planned.

I know that it was really enjoyed by all on the tour & it made a lasting impression on them. Word is now spreading as to what a good tour it is. I have still not had a chance to talk with Neil as to whether we should do the tour next September but I do know that we have had a lot of people interested in it already.

With regards to what we should do differently - I would agree with you with regards to the farm visit where we had a long way to walk uphill. We got away with it this year as they were a relativley active group but I can see this would cause problems another year so we would need to look at a visit somewhere else.

I would also need to check that the dairy farm in Suzhou would be fully operational next year & that it would not incur extra travellin time if we were to go to the new farm.

Also I would agree with you concering changing the tour slightly so we would go downstream on the cruise to avoid the problems of the water level. This would also solve the problem of arriving really late at night into Guilin which is not ideal.

I know you are away at present & I leave with another group to New Zealand at the end of next week so by the time I return early December we may have decided on the tour.

Thank you once again for everything.

Best Wishes

Hi Ye

How are you?
I would like to thank you and Hua Qing for the good job with our group. The people really liked the entire program. I will have a meeting with Flávia to talk about the details and I will pass to you her account.
By now we are thinking about another group to Canton Fair 2008, and we need the dates. I’m looking in the internet but I didn’t find, could you help me with this?

My kind regards

Roberta Borghesi

Dear Hua Qing:

I have spoken to nearly all the kiwifruit growers and cyclists who were on the tours.

They all had a really great time and thoroughly enjoyed their tour. Someone said it was the best tour they have been on. They said you were an excellent guide. The kiwifruit growers appreciated the talk you gave them on the boat.

Both groups would have liked more free time for shopping in markets (not friendship stores).

Hotels were very good and local guides good especially John in Xian.

Transport and meals all OK except some kiwifruit growers were pleased to have more European style food on the boat.

Technical visits were good and Yangtze Cruise very good.

The cyclists said they were treated like royalty. They will talk to a lot of people so I am sure we can send another group of cyclists next year.

Thanks very much for the books and the photos. They will be very helpful. We will start our promotion for the Silk Road very soon.

Thanks for all your good work with the tours last month. They were very successful and have been very good for the reputation of our companies.


Dear Hua Qing

First of all congratulations on the excellence arrangements for our Dairy Farmers Tour. The program was very god and everyone was very happy with the hotels, meals, transport and business visits. Te clients enjoyed the free time to shop and they thought the visit to farmers like we did at Luzhou was just great. It was the best tour we have had to China. If you can maintain that standard at a similar price I ma sure we will bring more and groups. You can start planning on Inner Mongolia, Silk Road and Yangtze Cruise for our Dairy farmers in 2003.


Dear Hua Qing
Thank you for organizing these excellent tours. My clients were very pleased with the tour and were full of praise for your arrangements; your management skills and they thoroughly enjoyed your sense of humour. You certainly improved on the 1996 tours, which were still very good, but this year was even better. The hotels were very good, the restaurants and meals were great, the seats for the Acrobatic Show and Tang Dynasty Show were just the best and the opportunities to talk to farmers and nomads were highlights of the tour. The markets and shopping were also enjoyed. I am sure we did the right thing by cutting the visits to the Summer Palace and Temple of Heaven out of the programme. People did not get so tired as they did in Beijing in 1996. By the way they liked the drive from Xining to Lanzhou.
I will plan on promoting the tour again for 2000.
It was great to see you again and I look forward to developing more business to our mutual benefit.

Ron McPhail

Dear Ye, dear HQ,

the tour was a complete success! :-D
We already have some feedbacks. These guests were thrilled.

We are still waiting for the return of the remaining questionnaires for travel evaluation.
Mr. Schlieker will also tell us his assessment.
Once we have all the feedback we will let you know.

Kudos to you, your team and tour guides! Everything worked out great.

We will try to offer the trip next year as a repeat.
The date is not fixed yet, May or October.
As soon as we know, we will contact you.

We look forward to working with you again.

Thank you very much for everything.

Best regards

Dear Ye,

Thank you for your good cooperation on this tour. From my side and as far as I can tell, you were very professional. It was a pleasure to work with you. I wish all our tour operator colleagues, I was working with up to now, would have been so great....

Now we have to wait until the feedback from the clients is coming in.

Could you send the invoice for the late check-out please?

Kind regards

Dear HQ,

finally I am back in the office after beeing sick for a few weeks.

I have spoken with Mr. Börger and Mr. Harnisch from the group and they were satisfied with everything you provided for them.
The guide was perfect and did everything to make the group comfortable and help with everything.
The translations were perfect and all questions have been answered.
All the hotels were good quality and the food was great.

The technical visits have been very interesting and the group enjoyed this part very much. They did learn a lot there.
In the review they have said that it might have been good to visit a "normal" farm.
But that was just a suggestion and not a point of complaint.

So everything was fine!

Thank you very much for your help and support on this difficult task!

Kind regards and take care


Good morning Ye,

Today is my first day in the office and I am working on the follow up paperwork we do, which includes our feedback proforma. I shall let you have a comprehensive feedback report once I have those documents back from the clients. However, I can assure you from my conversations with the group that they were thrilled with the tour content and the logistics that you provided. Hotels were rated highly, the services of the guides very good and the work that Linda did outstanding. The good sign is some are already talking about travelling with us again, so that is another measure of the excellence of the tour and the trust that was built by its delivery.We will look to repeat the tour again next year.

Best wishes

Gordon Smith



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